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The hot air oven was originally invented by Pasteur. It works on the principle of dry heat to sterilize the products which are used in various industries. The device is ideal for the heat operation ranging from 50 ⁰ to 300 ⁰C (122 to 571 ⁰ F). The device works on the thermostat to control the temperature. It can control the temperature of the device which is shown digitally. The double wall construction makes the working of the device reliable and keeps the heat trapped for a long time.

  • It withstand temperature up to 250 ⁰C .
  • Precise and even heat distribution.
  • Removable stainless steel shelves.
  • Double valve construction.
  • Forced air circulation.
  • The appliance uses dry heat for sterilizing of the industrial and laboratory products.
  • A balance between the inner and outer wall is well- maintained for the supreme thermal efficiency
  • The insulation ensures the safety of the instruments surface and prevents it from burning.
  • It features thermostat based control of the heat management.
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