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Industrials Heators offers Drum drier which is used to remove moisture. In most of the cases drying used to involve removal of water at temperature below its boiling point. While drying water is usually removed by circulating air over the material in order to carry over the water vapour. We also provide necessary control panel for manual and auto operation which will make your work easier.

  • Maximum operating temperature up to 400°c.
  • High efficiency.
  • Short heating time, rapid and stable regulation.
  • Corrosion and oxidation resistant.
  • Easy to maintain and Install.
  • Compatible with local Power supplies.
  • Tube sheathed made of Chrome Nickel steel tube & Incoloy tube.
  • It is used to heat Water, Oil & Grease.
  • Alkaline corrosive liquids.
  • Plating and pickling solution.
  • Food processing equipment.
  • Cleaning and decreasing solution.
  • Heating process.
  • Air Heating
  • Oven heating.
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