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Industrials Heators offers cable which is totally Inorganic and Silicone free. It consists of multiple copper conductors (cores), highly compressed magnesium oxide (insulation) and an outer copper sheath. The internal load carrying cores are protected inside the magnesium oxide insulation.

  • This unique composition has an outer melting point of 1083˚C (the melting point of copper) and ultimately 2800˚C for the insulation (magnesium oxide).
  • MICC cable is water and oil resistant, can carry greater current ratings, and require no conduit for mechanical or vermin protection, UV and radiation resistant.
  • Reduced size due to the high dielectric strength of the magnesium oxide
  • Easy installation due its reduced size and annealed state of outer sheath.
  • High flexibility during the design phase, due to the wide range of available resistances.
  • Factory assembled cable sets ready for installation
  • Fully annealed sheath allows field bending
  • Refining crude distillation : Hydro-cracking, Coking, Gas condensate prevention
  • Chemical and Petrochemical : Synthetic fiber polymer, paints and resins, Nylon
  • Power Generation : High pressure feed-water, blow-down lines, instrument lines


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