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Industrials Heators offering our clients a very highly premium quality range of Finned tubular Heating Elements. These finned tubular air-heaters are manufacture by us in various sizes, heat capacities and standard steel sheathed materials with edge wound steel fins furnace copper brazed to the sheath for heating forced convection space heating and for industrials process air heating. The fins have been specially designed as per the required pitch with an standard diameter will be increases by six times the radiant surface of the heater, thus permitting high kilowatts rating to provide maximum surface contact for good heat dissipation into the finned cross sections, thus resulting in rapid heat transfer to the air. High purity grade magnesium oxide insulation imbeds the resistance wire coil for optimum heat transfer & Dielectric Strength. The magnesium powder is then compressed to rock hardness and maximum density under tremendous hydraulic pressure to improve heat transfer from coil to sheath. Industrials Heators finned tubular heaters are manufactured in a full line of standard sizes and customer specification.

  • Rugged ,Relliable premium quality.
  • 230V and 440V AC
  • Fins are fast heata transfer.
  • Maximum sheath temperature is 400°C.
  • Available with GI and SS finned.
  • Easy installation.
  • High efficiency.
  • Corrosion and oxidation resistance.
  • Forced air heating application.
  • Recirculating ovens.
  • Air ducts.
  • Industrial processes require hot air.
  • Annealing.
  • Food warmer.
  • Humidity control.
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