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The constant watt power cable designed to put out a certain amount of wattage per linear foot of cable. These are generally constructed of two polymer insulated parallel bus wires with a copper conductor heating element wire wrapped alternatively along the insulated bus wires. These connections are made at the ‘NODE’ point where the copper conductor heating element is welded. The entire element assembly is then dielectrically insulated with an additional polymer jacket.

  • Available as 10-40W/M.
  • 230V Power supply.
  • Welded contact points.
  • Can be cut at the desired length in field.
  • It is flexible.
  • Termination is extremely simple.
  • Constant power dissipating and 100 percent performance (conduction).
  • No electricity spike when switched ON.
  • Most applicable in Piping, Tanks & Equipment’s
  • for Petro-chemical industry and also in Chemical industry, Laboratory, Hot water supply
  • Evaporators and Rubber industry.
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