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Bobbin Heaters from INDUSTRIALS HEATORS customs in various diameter and length for heating applications. These heaters are comes in the following two design that is ceramic bobbin heater and Flanged type bobbin heater with steel tube. Bobbin heater are used in the heating of air and heating various liquids like oil, water and chemicals. These heaters are constructed by a helically wound nickel chrome resistance coil is evenly stretched through a specially designed ceramic insulator and inserted into a thermo well (SS tube) offer a large heated area to the liquid or semi-solid to be heated. Material such as oil, wax, fats and bitumen require low heater surface temperature to prevent product degradation. For these applications the Ceramic Bobbin heater is ideal. A Feature of this type of heater is that it may be removed for repair or replacement without draining the contents of the vessel. These elements are designed to have a very low watt density on the casing pipes thus they ensure a longer life for the elements. Flanged bobbin heater is nothing but the bobbin heater which is inserted into a metal tube with metal flange for mounting in a vessel and provided with wiring boxes for electrical connection.

  • Temperature maintenance application
  • Power rating is watts/square centimeter
  • 230V & 415V power supply
  • Max operating temperature is 400°C.
  • Thermo well is made of SS 304/316.
  • Threaded Flange with tube
  • Oil Tanks.
  • Transfer tanks.
  • Chemical industry tanks.
  • Wax melting process
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