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INDUSTRIALS HEATORS design and manufacture the most commonly used industrial heaters are the flanged immersion heater. These are mainly used to heat the volumes of liquid and to maintain a constant temperature. This type of heater generally consists of bundle of bent tubular electric heating elements which is welded on a metal flange and provided with wiring boxes for electrical connection. Flange heaters are installed by bolting or threaded to a matching flange of the tank.

  • Temperature maintenance application,
  • Maximum heat transfer co-efficient
  • Maximum watt design for water heating is100kW/M² (62w/inc²).
  • Maximum watt design for oil heating 24kW/M² (15w/inc²).
  • Tube made of steel, stainless steel and incoloy.
  • Constant power dissipating and 100 percent performance.
  • It is most used in storage tanks, cleaning tanks. And for all process tank.
  • And also used for chemical, Oil and water bath.
  • In petrochemical industry for preheating all grade of oil.
  • Mildly corrosive solutions
  • Soap & detergent solutions
  • Demineralized & Deionized water.
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