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INDUSTRIALS HEATORS immersion heaters are generally used for industrials application, such as liquid tank, process pipe and pressurized vessels. They are mainly used for direct heating of various industrials mediums such as water, oil, highly viscous liquid, hazardous chemicals and many other applications. An immersion heater can also operate in different environments with consistent performance, whether it is used under a pure water or under corrosive medium. Electric immersion heater are used for instant heating of a fluid and to maintain the pre-set temperature around the immersed area of equipment. Immersion heaters consist of hairpin bent tubular elements welded into a metal flange and provided with wiring boxes for electrical connections.

  • Temperature maintenance application.
  • Power rating is watts/square centimeter
  • Constant power dissipating and 100 percent performance
  • Maximum operating temperature
  • Tube made of steel, stainless steel and incoloy.
  • welded construction.
  • It is most useful in cleaning & rinsing tanks.
  • Chemical industry for chemical bath.
  • Heat transfer
  • In petrochemical industry for preheating all grades of oil.
  • Mildly corrosive solutions.
  • Soap & detergent solution.
  • Demineralized & Deionized water.
  • Pre & Post washing tanks.
  • Degreasing tanks.
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