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INDUSTRIALS HEATORS’ manufacture cord heater with medium temperature,flexible electric heating elements. They were designed to offer the unique convenience of wrap-on small diameter tubes, vessels  and flange or wherever space is limited to avoid  the heat loss on the pipe line. They can be wrapped around tubing as small as 19 mm (3/4″) diameter. Our range of heating cords constructed of single strand and multi stand nichrome resistance wire, which has been over braided with multilayer of fiberglass yarn for high resistance temperature.

  • 230v & 440v Power Supply.
  • Non-Flammable glass cloth.
  • Temperature range will be up to 250⁰c.
  • Constant power dissipating and 100 percent performance for conduction application.
  • It is flexible and will have a proper contact with the surface of the tank.
  • Maximum heat transfer co-efficient.
  • Used in uneven shaped equipment.
  • Most applicable in Tanks & Vessels for all kind of industries.
  • Very useful to heat day tank, Storage tank, Bin and Bulk storage tank.
  • Different type of hopper.
  • Transport tankers.
  • Evaporators in Effluent Treatment Plant.
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